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Liberia eyes Ebola virus-free status as final patient


Liberia discharged the last confirmed Ebola patient on Thursday from a Chinese-run Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU).

There are now no confirmed Ebola cases in all of Liberia's nineteen ETUs across the whole country.

At a brief discharge ceremony held in Monrovia, China's ETU Commanding Officer, Col. Yang Haiwei said the patient was brought to the unit on Feb. 18, 2014 in a very bad state.

"After 15 days of treatment administered by the Chinese medical team, the patient was finally cured," said Yang, adding that she was also the sixth Ebola survivor of the China ETU.

However, he warned of consequences if Ebola protocols are ignored in homes across the country.

"This victory may be only temporary, but it is still a milestone. The Chinese medical team will keep on making contributions to the efforts against Ebola," Yang said.

Tolbert Nyenswah, the head of Liberia Ebola Incident Management System, Assistant Minister of Health for Preventive Services, said achieving this was a great day for Liberia as a nation struggles to cope with Ebola.

"Today signifies a very great day for our country. When the news was bad, we reported the bad news. We stand here today to signify good news," he told guests in attendance.

Nyenswah urged his compatriots to continue to observe strict Ebola protocols imposed to end the threat of the virus in the country.

"We have 102 contacts that are under follow-up. What we also know is that this does not signify Ebola is over in Liberia," the official said.